Universe Singularity to Technology Singularity — Enigma awaits…

Manoj Gupta
2 min readAug 22, 2021


It’s said that before the Big Bang, the universe was an infinite stretch of a hot dense material in a steady state.

And then Big Bang happened about 13.8 billion years ago. However, it wasn’t the beginning of things at that time, it was the moment in time when our Universe switched from a period of contraction to a period of expansion.

That was the moment of Universe Singularity….since then it is expanding unabated….

The in-roads to Technology Singularity

The Tech revolution started few decades ago in 1950s with the rise of microprocessors and computers paving new ways of information processing and sharing. Electronics and Information technology began to automate production lines.

The shift from analogue to digital disrupted the industries — and it wasn’t too long ago!

Now, we are in Industry 4.0 — the era of ‘cyber-physical systems’ merging capabilities of machine with humans. This the time where action is happening around automation, interconnectivity, driverless vehicles, biometrics, genome editing, renewable energy and so on.

Technology, which seemed science fiction a few years ago, has become reality today.

And this time, this change is exponential!

With the exponential changes around technology, the question keeps coming — are we heading towards a Technology Singularity?

The predictions for this moment to arrive is around 2045!

And the big question is — what it would mean to Humans, if technology overtakes Human brains?

While many calls it as existential threat to Humanity, I put it as an existential opportunity to Humanity. Anything that cannot be digitised or automated will become extremely valuable. Human-only traits such as creativity, ethics, intuition, imagination will be more important in the future — because machines are very good at simulating but not at Being.

The future is in Technology, yet the bigger future lies in Transcending it!

While Universe Singularity happened 13.8 billion years ago, Technology Singularity is just couple of decades away — during the life times of many of us!

The Enigma awaits…

Where do you stand?



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