How choices shape our life

Manoj Gupta
3 min readJun 20, 2020


In this fitness-conscious world today, we all must have come across this adage — you are what you eat. Well, eating is also a matter of our choice, which brings me to another question. Aren’t we all a product of our choices. Think about it, right from school to this very moment in life, you have made certain choices, which has made you the person you are today.

Were you the one who chose arts over science? Were you the one who chose to study French over Hindi? Did you sacrifice your love by choosing that career? Maybe some of you bunked work to watch your favourite sportsman on TV. Some of you chose photography over an Ivy League College. Well that’s entirely your choice. Though I have even heard another popular adage in times of difficulty, do we really have a choice? Yes, you always have one.

But what if we were forced into making a decision

Yes, a lot of people say, my parents forced me to take up engineering. I could not move from one country to the other because of my family. My friends influenced me to take up career.

Here’s something to tinker…

When your parents forced you to take up engineering, it was your choice in the end. You had the choice of sticking to your guns or talking to them. But ultimately, you let their choice overpower yours. If your friends influenced your decision to take up a career, you let their choice come before yours. When you couldn’t move because of your family, it was purely your decision. Life is not about what if but rather make it.

The mind is like a tennis match…

Just like in a tennis match, there are two players in our mind trying to outdo each other and ultimately help us make a choice. They are constantly serving, volleying and smashing various options and routes but in the end one player wins and you make that decision. Making decisions is both an art and science. For example, when it comes to personal matters like getting married, your decisions are based on feelings and emotions, which are ruled by the arty side of your brain. On the professional front, you make decisions based on data, numbers and trends in the market, which has certain science to it. There your logical brain plays tricks and allows you to make certain decisions. Sometimes, when this tennis match becomes never ending which hampers your choices, growth and success in life. Here’s what you need to do

Choose proactively rather than reactively

Some people go with the flow and make their decisions, which can come back to harm them. Surely, now you don’t want to be having pie charts and project reports when deciding to make a choice between Pepsi and a Coke, you also don’t want to start a business without having the competition analysis, the prevailing market conditions and demographics in your city or town. So, think of all the strengths, weaknesses and repercussions.

Conviction is more important than perfection

Nothing is perfect in life. So, why does your decision have to. The most important is to make a decision. Convince yourself that you need to choose something or someone and then try to correct it or perfect later. Don’t get clouded by perfection. Be clear about your purpose, your values and your priorities,

Analysis or paralysis?

Analyze but don’t get paralyzed by the process. Very often we get lost in thinking about the minutest things. Life is all about evolving. So, don’t try to drown yourself in weighing pros and cons that you forget to make a decision. Make one and move on. IF it works fine but if it doesn’t, keep moving and find another alternative.

The bottom line

Embrace, learn and accept the choices you have made. Cannot live life with ifs and buts. Make a mistake but more importantly learn from it. Pat yourself for making the right choices and let go of the foolish ones. Forgive others and yourself but don’t forget your choices because they are your greatest teachers…



Manoj Gupta

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