Have you taken a vacation Within?

Let’s begin with vacation

Every now and then all of us need a breather in life. There’s too much happening in and around us these days. So, what’s the way out? Taking a break or a vacation, isn’t it? Ever thought why? That’s because it helps us discover new place, cultures, people and situations, which recharge our physical and mental well-being.

Have you taken a vacation Within?

Let me ask you something, has anyone taken a vacation to the destination, You! I am not joking here. There is a great place waiting to be discovered within you only if you are ready to travel deep within yourself. And guess what? It does not require a visa, ticket or any paperwork. All you have to do is to align with your thoughts and emotions, just be with them — answer your own questions to yourself and discover Yourself.

Well, it is easy to say than done…but try it, it will take some sustained efforts — happiness is the only payoff!

How is your present defined?

Your past has probably been your greatest teacher. There have been lessons, good, bad and ugly but make no two ways about it. It’s made you the person you are today. Some people run away from the past or think why bring it up now? What’s the point? Well, the fact is your past has helped you charter your present journey. So, unless you don’t go back that road and take corrective actions, you may not learn and keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Plus, the fact that you have overcome those obstacles also gives you the strength to move on into the future.

Are you living in the present?

Well, that’s what everyone tells us, isn’t it? It’s good to live in the moment but don’t make it a full stop. Evolve, learn and grow from the experiences and challenges life throws at you. Don’t try too hard and put undue pressure on yourself. Just go with the flow but also list the things you have at the moment and be grateful for those. It can be family, friends, a spouse, a house, car, the list is endless.

What are your future plans?

When you go for a vacation, do you go empty-handed? Do you not make an itinerary? Similarly, if you are heading for an internal vacation, you need a must-do list or all the future destinations, goals or objectives you want to cover in your lifetime. Not knowing where you are headed will make your internal vacation a lost cause. That’s because your future defines the why, when, what and how in your life. Without these, your life has no meaning, direction or goal. Not the vacation you’ll want, right?

What makes you different?

No two individuals are the same. Not even twins. Every person has their unique skill or craft on planet earth. So, introspect about your strengths and personality traits so that you can identify your USPs, which will help you in deciding what exactly you want to do. For example, a boxer might not have a thing for accounting and data. The secret is to write down all your USPs with ten leading traits. This activity will not only help you decide your strengths but will also give an insight into your weaknesses and how to overcome them.

The vacation Within is never-ending and non-stop so make sure you keep discovering yourself through this journey called Life!




Managing Director & ExecCom Member, Author, Speed Rope Enthusiast

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Manoj Gupta

Manoj Gupta

Managing Director & ExecCom Member, Author, Speed Rope Enthusiast

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