Engineering of Humans inching towards Human Engineering…

The IT services model dealing with Systems of record has taken a leap from:

Reactive -> Proactive -> Predictive -> Dynamic -> Intuitive

The cloud native platforms, internet scaled architecture and open-source software via distributed agile delivery model are fuelling tech transformations across the globe.

The Intuitive and Real-Time-decision-making software requirements have thrown an interesting challenge to scientists and tech community around the world. The Data guzzler Omni channel connectivity requires tons of data to be processed on-the-go.

This increasing demand is unstoppable, adding further pressure on processing speed — thanks to digital era.

A new beginning is knocking our doors…

Let’s look at the two Engineering

Let’s first look at the engineering of Human brain:

· It senses situations from past experience, making a decision in real time, and then responding to it, comes naturally.

· Other key trait the humans brain possess, is to Imagine and Re-imagine.

Human brain works on principle of biological neurons which possesses Memory and Processing power in it and is distributed across entire brain. These neurons along with synapses gives ability to do parallel and fast communication with very low power consumption.

In contrast to above, the engineering of Tech ecosystem is based on Von Neumann Architecture, where Memory and Processing unit are separate, with Data moving between the two. This makes computers good at computing but not as efficient as they could be, and very high with power consumption.

In addition, they function in binary mode where everything is either 1 or 0 i.e. Yes or No — limiting to only two options. This makes software programming languages to be structured and written in a certain rigid way, to suffice the binary limitation of hardware.

What is the solution?

The Shift towards Neuromorphic & Quantum computing

The neuromorphic computing brings an upside-down change — the chip has both; Processing and Memory connected inside the artificial Neurons. This means that it can communicate and learn simultaneously, similar to a biological neuron inside the human brain. This unique feature gives more flexibility and a lot more computational options beyond the current binary architecture limitations of 1 or 0 i.e. ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Neuromorphic chips replicates human nervous system in its’ computation process. Keeping the analogy of biological neural networks, the artificial neural networks (ANN) were developed, with artificial neurons as the core component. Each neuron comprises an input layer, processing layer, and an output layer. The ability to communicate from neuron-to-neuron concurrently enhances acclivity of understanding. It also consumes much less power than traditional computers.

This brings paradigm shift to traditional computing — from general purpose calculators of today, to machines-of-tomorrow that can learn-from-the-experience and make- decisions-in-real time.

Similarly, the rise of quantum computing has triggered comparison of mental phenomena to quantum computing. Unlike standard bits, 1s and 0s, of classical computing, qubits (quantum bits) can have both 1 and 0 existing simultaneously as superposition — thus, maximizing the optimal processing number of computations per calculation. The investment into quantum computing has increased significantly in recent years, and with Google announcement of quantum supremacy with their sycamore processor is testament to the fact that what a quantum computer can calculate and accomplish in seconds may require years for classical computers!

Summing it up

The change is on the horizon. The tech ecosystem is on its’ way, to learn & adapt the architecture of Human brain. However, this paradigm shift will require programming to be overhauled. Developers will have to rethink everything — as old architecture will be replaced with new. This transformative effort will have its’ toll, but the rewards are multi folds!

Engineering of Humans on its’ way to meet Human Engineering…the shift is tectonic.

The change is inevitable!

The future is exciting…




Managing Director & ExecCom Member, Author, Speed Rope Enthusiast

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Manoj Gupta

Manoj Gupta

Managing Director & ExecCom Member, Author, Speed Rope Enthusiast

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